What Does 3S Educare Bring To The Table?

3S Educare is driven by 6 progressive thinkers. All decision makers. All action takers.
They are deeply experienced and caring people.
Each brings multiple person years in the trenches, in the corporate world.

3S Educare Attributes

3S Educare sharply focuses on two skill driven, profitable, silos.

  • Corporate
  • Institutional

It’s team of 6 people, all seasoned, professionals, are in leadership roles in two specific sectors.

They are committed to delivering, measurably huge, value-add, services, to both sectors, with a 100% competence.

All 6 are driven by the vision of delivering:

Business vision, start up or teamwork concept
men and women running on sea shore

At 3S Educare, they have been transforming, bright, agile, young graduate minds and bodies. Into corporate managers who can usher in change. Changes which will add value to any corporate entity in India or abroad.

They take a great deal of pride in being labelled as lifestyle re-designers.

What They Deliver:

3S Educare has partnered with Indian Universities & Institutes.

They’ve helped conceptualize, shape, run, monitor and tweak immersive and transformational, MBA and PGDM programs across all such partnerships.

Their Promise To Students?

Don’t fret if you haven’t made it to an Ivy League Institute

Our MBA and PGDM programs give You world class corporate management exposure, comparable with the best.

Our Partners

Partnered with leading education group of Australia to run path breaking Study Center offering:

Student using laptop having online class with teacher, pov

Online MBA for working executives


International Pathway programs

English teacher having video call with students

Proficiency in spoken English programs.

person standing near the stairs

Boss Your Future

The 3S Educare team carefully vetted, then signed up with a leading business school in Australia. A business school,entrepreneurially driven. Second to none.

They are completely convinced that:
To transform graduates into global corporate change drivers


Morph them into successful entrepreneurs i.e. Be the boss of your own future.
Required, vital learning in putcurated from their carefully selected, entrepreneurially driven, business school, from Australia.

Experts in Transformational Interventions

Each of the 6 people in the 3S Educare core team have planned, documented, executed, monitored and tweaked,multiple transformational traininginterventions.

All 3S Educare training interventions are planned to give participants experiential learning/training,going way beyond any kind of classroom training.

Students/Participants tempered by these training interventions, transform into strong, competent,
level-headed, understanding corporate managers. Each, capable of bringing in profitable
changes to corporate business processes. Changes that make them 21st century compliant.

3S Educare has crafted a cost effective, system of higher learning.

Focused on shaping post-graduates into:

two men running on field with people on side cheering for them

Internationally competent

Socially relevant

hands formed together with red heart paint
Manager organizing work in an office

Corporate managers

Who are great human beings to boot

Young boy holding great grandmother's hand

All this ensures that 3S Educare is uniquely empowered to groom post-graduates with the many competencies they require.

To excel in the complex, competitive, challenging, professional environment of the 21stcentury.

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