The Unique 3S Educare Approach

We engage closely with clients, whether institutional or corporate.

Spend significant time understanding their wants, needs and pain.

Then we craft tailor-made, skills growth, programs. Which fit client requirements, like your glove fits your hand.

We’ve three carefully thought through drivers which we leverage when doing this.

two person handshaking
Self Analysis
Self Reflection
Self Management

Simulated Transformational Environment for Placements


Discover the key to success. Unlock your true potential.

A Unique program aimed at giving participants a real feel of how the corporate world functions.

This involves:

  • Real life simulations-based training
  • Live corporate meetings and Interactions

Focused on training participants, how to work, in real life corporate organizations.

Simulations are based on:

  • Video based feedback
  • Real life corporate interactions
  • Crafting a personal career plan
  • Employability skills
  • Fast track onboarding
  • And more . . .

3S Educare – Corporate Training

We design / deliver corporate training programs. These programs offer corporate employees, across the board, the knowledge of developing workable solutions for a range of corporate issues.

Solutions which cut across organizations, sectors, industries and geographies.

 Our training programs are centered around:


  • Key Account Management

  • Collaboration & Influencing Skills

  • Innovation & Creativity

  • Team Building

  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Selling and Negotiation skills

  • Communication & Presentation skills

  • Outbound Training Programs which leverage our outdoor partner camps

  • Cross Cultural skills

Qualification training
Lecture class

3S Educare – Institutional Training

Lectures, xeroxing notes, tuitions, exam stress, memorizing, sleepless nights, anxiety attacks.

These are current manifestations of the – Indian Education System.

Without appropriate training, after their graduate or post-graduate degrees, students are thrown, willy-nilly, into the world of job interviews, and group discussions.

They are expected to think creatively, think laterally. When all they’ve learnt is by rote.

Creative, lateral thinking being actively discouraged. With great pressure to conform to a syllabus. PERIOD. . .

Colleges must introduce subjects, taught by subject matter experts, which groom bright young minds to prepare them for the extremely competitive market place they’re about to enter.

3S Educare workshops empower students. They’re equipped with the skills and competencies needed to enter then grow into eligible careers they dream of.

Our,I’m possible module is specifically designed and developed for academic institutes.

Participating in this module transform students into tomorrow’scorporate decision makers.

Indicative modules are:

  • leadership training to lead self

  • Campus to Corporate

  • Rebranding self

And much more . . .

3S Educare strives to provide significant learning to students to transform them into tomorrow’s thinking, caring, corporate managers. Women and men who will lead and grow 21stcentury, competitive, profitable corporate entities.

Impossible change to possible