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It’s defined by capable, caring, people.
Who give 3S Educare life and color.

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Nischal Mahajan

This is my story.

I'm a Business Development & Corporate Training professional and Career coach. I bring 22+ years of rich, diverse, corporate experience across multiple industries, environments & geographies. In my last assignment, before I chose to wear my entrepreneur hat, I headed, 5 South India based centers, owned and run by the largest private business school in India.
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Ekta Mahajan

This is my story.

I have grown in a business family amid stereotype thinking. Women should take up the profession of either a teacher or doctor but neither excited me. Numbers always fascinated me and continue doing so till today. I am business woman who’s spent more than 17 years in corporate world in Sales And leadership roles.
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Anirudh Sharma

This is my story.

I used to be dean of the Strategic Management Group (SMG) in the largest, private, Indian business school.

My overall responsibility was the smooth functioning of its:
• International marketing
• Industry interface
• National and International placements
• Mentoring and career counselling
Across all its 18 centers, pan India.

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Anant Agrawal

This is my story.

I wear multiple hats with equal panache.
Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Author | Performance and Life Coach.
I hope this inspires you to experiment wearing multiple hats yourself. Till you find all the hats which fit you perfectly.
No 21st century, corporate business manager succeeded in monochrome. They must be skilled at wearing multiple hats with aplomb.
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Sanjay Kaul

This is my story.

A long time ago I figured, Marketing determined corporate income. Astonishingly, every other business department was Cost To Company. Marketing, was where I decided, to build my corporate career path. To date, I’ve spent 25+ years crafting, executing, monitoring, and tweaking national and international marketing strategies.
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Ashish Bhagoria

This is my story.

I‘m passionate, being an entrepreneur. I’ve been one for the last 23 years. It’s on going. My passion for business, drove me at the age of 20 to start my 1st successful business, while completing my B. Com.
Then I went on to a Masters in Computer Applications. Yup, I do have friends who call me nerdy.
On my present entrepreneurial journey, I've launched multiple ventures.
Establishing them as trusted and popular brands.
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What drives their 7 day a week lifestyle?​ (Oh! I’m glad you asked.)

Passion, wisdom plus a remarkable number of person years, of real-world, in the trenches, corporate experience.

Their lifestyle is not an unbearable 24x7x7 grind


One which excites and renews them, daily.
Guaranteeing, they always deliver. Their best.

They’ve dedicated all their energy To select, engage, challenge and groom graduates. To become tomorrow’s corporate leaders.

Their Global Exposure & Enhancement Program (G E E P)

Drives every one of their Global MBA skill enhancement modules.

Drawing skill

It’s their multiple person years, of in the trenches, corporate experience, which empowers them to create, implement, measure and tweak their G E E P program.
G E E P grooms, world-class, business administration skills in participants.
Balanced perfectly by delivering vital, professional, interpersonal, engagement, skills.
This is the skill blend, vital to be recruited by top-of-the-line corporates across India and Globally.

The 3S Educareco commitment is:

To deliver a system of higher learning

Which creates well rounded individuals

Who will add measurable value to any corporate entity (or startup)

Excited enough to employ them

A higher learning system, which guarantees delivery, of internationally competent, socially well-rounded, women and men. Individuals, groomed to lead tomorrow’s business expansion in India and the Globe.

3S Educareco expertise in talent nurturing, has helped multiple business organizations increase productivity and profit. They achieved that by empowering their people via their home grown, tried and tested, Management Development Programs.

Everyone knows, there’s been violent ups and downs in business. Driven by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, corporates need women and men, with unique competencies.
Competencies required to excel in the complex, competitive, challenging, professional, business environment of the 21st century.

Shouldn’t You, be part of this?